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LazyluiOne XONEWell, first round on the iPhone was certainly satisfying!
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONE[link]
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Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  Its time Timbo had his waxing treatment again
auberginedogSean ADMINXONEOHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!

First they did it to He Man and now theve managed to make Action Man look Gay!!! Is nothing sacred oh lord
It's here! Check out our latest ad featuring Action Man, and...
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iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  Nazi Uniform.........YMCA!
Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONE  This reminds me of the night in the Dublin night club!
Mike240184 XONEMIP  This has made me sad. I don't know where to start.
GuitarHero1982 Danny XONEI’m watching bullseye.... they said spelling please Jim. They got asked to spell queue. Ha Sean can we have this level of questions
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  How Old is Chewbacca?
Spartan LXVIII Kev XONE  234
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  Nnnnnnaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh!
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEPowerline adaptors fitted! Speeds on xbox went from 31 download 15 upload and latency of 48 and now showing 57 download, 25 upload and latency 46.
I know my latency has not improved much but im hoping a wired connection will be more stable!
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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  A few days on the adaptors now and it does seem much more stable and little to no lag.
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONEMoving house tomorrow. A gypsy no more. Invitations to paint party to follow.
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Mike13B20 Mike XONE  I volunteer Danny
puppymaster SID ADMINXONE  Not very pc Craig, surely you mean a member of the travelling community
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEIf you haven't tried chicken scream yet get it downloaded onto your phone.
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  [link]
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  If you haven't tried chicken soup, you've never been ill
LazyluiOne XONEOw that sweet headshot... it almost makes up for all the deaths...
Link Description
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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  It must have been O3C headshot night.
LazyluiOne XONEPUBG runs much better after last nights update
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ForrestGumpSWEHave it been a update that fix shutter?
P8falloutfreak Simon XONE  donated £10.00 to Over 30 Clan.
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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  Have you tried pubg yet?
P8falloutfreak Simon XONE  on PC but DayZ is all i ever really play, interacting with random people and deciding where they're friendly enough and you can trust them to head of on a survival adventure with has a hell of a lot more pull for me than all these Battle royal type games, although it can be extremely time consuming compared to a half hour round or to on Battlefield or PUGB
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  A squad of O3C on pubg is great fun!
Furyan187 XONEFree Assassins Creed: Unity with the purchase.
PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds Xbox One CD Key, Key - cdkeys.c...
Buy PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds Xbox One CD Key from Instant downloads. Fantastic prices.
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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEIts nearly weekend! That means friday song!!
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Furyan187 XONE:')
LUL - Clipped by fpchase
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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE@TangoCat paul
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