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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEHappy birthday Shawn (sh4mus75)
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GuitarHero1982 Danny XONEOmg omg omg grand operations on bf5 looks frocking amazing sign me up take my money
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GuitarHero1982 Danny XONE  Agreed that mate, I can’t play longer than half an hour without getting fed up
Mike240184 XONEMIP  plus you were shit at it
Mike240184 XONEMIP  ha
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEO3C kicking ass
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GuitarHero1982 Danny XONEJust got a message from Xbox saying they are introducing digital game refunds. Not tried it yet but bout bloody time
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iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  Yeah i got it too
Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONE  Only you two got the message? Hmmm strange!
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  No JoJo only 2 of us mentioned it
GuitarHero1982 Danny XONEThat’s the week of 16th October booked off from work
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LazyluiOne XONEGood to be back....
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONEAbout fucking time
Battlefield 5 beta news as EA confirm rolling release date p...
A lot of news has been shared about EA's upcoming new shooter, Battlefield 5. Confirmed today as being a WW2 epic, developers Dice also revealed they had plans to offer both a sing...
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BelleSchwantz Marcel XONE  They trailer apparently doesn't do the game justice. Jack frags has quite a long video about it:

This is the reddit post:
BelleSchwantz Marcel XONE  TLDR: Their slowing the game down through a number of ways: Attrition --> no auto regen to 100% health, only partial regen.
Everyone can revive, but medics revive faster.
you can drag someone to safety
vehicles can tow stuff
no more visual recoil (gun sway)
no more elites or behemoths
4 classes: assault, medic, scout, support
each class is highly costumizable through unlocks (so a skill tree i guess)
Weapons also have unlocks and are costumizable.
etc etc.
The trailer left me cold, but the info that's being provided by jack frags and xfactor has got me intrigued. In 2 weeks time there will be a multiplayers stream. Lets see how that is..

Ow yeah: NO MORE PREMIUM! everyone gets all the maps and weapons!!!!!!!
No idea yet if there is going to be an loot box system (probably). But if there is, it probably going to be cosmetic only. In the live stream they said it wasn't pay to win.
RandyAndy2000 Andy XONE  Feel the same Marcel: Trailer was "meeeeeh" but the details from JF really got my attention. He did an interview with one of the devs and at the end he asks: Describe BFV in three words. He answered: Imersive, Tactical and Squadplay. Sound like the right direction and hopefully lead us back to great games :thumb:
auberginedogSean ADMINXONE[link]
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BilboTBaggins77 Graeme XONESorry everyone, I have been reaaly bad and not been on here or even the XBone. Life has taken over really but moving into a new house soon with my very own man cave so things will hopefully change.
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  Not Good enough..This is extreme O3C now Buddy..LEAVE the Wife .....Leave the Family ....Leave Home shave your head and commit to the cause buddy...Or we'll send the boys around
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONEHappy Birthday Pontus
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Mike240184 XONEMIPAnyone playing "STELLAR AGE" on their mobile devices?

I not normally one for these games but I've been on it a few days, it just came out, and it's quite addictive. No adverts, it's free and I've not paid for any of the in-app stuff. Only the one worldwide server.

If anyone is interested I've created a corporation with the O3C tag (and I called it Weyland Yutani although I don't think anyone gets that)
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEDownloaded metal gear solid the phantom pain on games with gold. Played for an hour today...... thats an hour im never getting back. Hope it picks up soon or I will have to delete.
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BelleSchwantz Marcel XONE  First half of the game is preetty decent. But the second half feels takked on. You can tell when Hideo Kojima left de developtment team.
Messy Celt Paddy XONE  Oops, my review that I deleted was for the smaller "Ground Zeros", not the Phantom Pain. I loved the Phantom Pain. Great Stealth mechanics but with a great improvement to going loud over previous games. Guns blazing is a viable option. Loads of gadgets that make a real impact on how you approach each mission, base, whatever it is you are doing. Marcel is right though, the first half of the game (up until the major "Metal Gear" moment) was very good but after that it falls a bit flat.
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONEHello everyone, though it appears not many peeps come here much these days. Sorry I didn’t make the meet, I was out of the country meeting new suppliers for my new job. New house almost finished, new job and I’m feeling so Money Supermarket. Might even find time to spark up the Xbox.
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONE
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONEOMFG Just recovering from Saturday evening! Lost my Phone...Had my Credit Card stolen...Lost my Cash...Lost My Stormtrooper helmet and lost and EWOK!!!!
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONE  and who was going to fuck up who ?
in fairness that exhaust on the bike did not do my head any favors on the way home
auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  You the one that retired early my lil furry friend
TwinightTadpoleMick XONE  deserted you let go of the lead
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