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Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONEHappy buffday Mark, have a great day bumface xx
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iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  happy birthday Bumface
TwinightTadpoleMick XONE  happy bumface too you happy bumface too you
TwinightTadpoleMick XONEi am loving this game
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONEI may have had a breakthrough with V...... Support is the way to go....Suppression os so OP that all the one on ones I was losing against Support class.. I am now winning AS support...If you cant beat Short Medic is a broken class...Support is GOD mode
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONE  you a bit lat old man i am well on the way to the buzz saw
Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONE8.5 gb update just dropped for BFVag!!
Spartan LXVIII Kev XONE  I think I'll set that downloading before work tomorrow.
auberginedogSean ADMINXONETryng so Hard with Vagina
Spartan LXVIII Kev XONE  Vagina?
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  They can be difficult to get in to sometimes.
auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  Battlefield V you numbnutz please lower you thoughts to deviant level
Mike13B20 Mike XONEYep, I guess I'm back. Liking BF1 much better than BF4!
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  Just a small heads up Mike. We are now on BFV...….Just sayin
Mike13B20 Mike XONE  Thank you for your wise insight. It is always good to hear from the elders...
BilboTBaggins77 Graeme XONEPissed up BF5 with some of the old guard last night, great fun!
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iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONEThanks to Sean and Craig for a enjoyable weekend, good to catch up.
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  Thanks for helping with the decorations buddy
puppymaster SID ADMINXONEBf5 is fucked up. Not enjoying it, campers paradise. Build your fortifications,hide behind them get a few easy kills. Repeat ad nauseum . Time to kill is ridiculous too. Think I'll give it a miss until after the patch.
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  Moaning old twat!
auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  Trying hard with it also Sid...Waiting for something to click
Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONEI can wholeheartedly confirm that it IS Battlefield that gives me a potty mouth, the worst I yelled during my lengthy love affair with Fortnite was "you little faggot"
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Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  Yeah, cos you is proper posh init !
Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONE  Oh god it's ALL coming back to me...fucker nuts, mutha fudge...
Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONE  And Craig, I am posh I'm from Cambridge!
RandyAndy2000 Andy XONEWill have a very hard time at work until christmas, but i plan to get into BFV from the holidays. So looking forward to joining you in the field again guys and gals :-) Hooah!
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Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONE  Me too Andy, I get home so tired I can barely turn the Xbox on, add to that the complete ball ache of trying to do all the DIY jobs that need doing at home and a new 11 week old terrorist of a puppy, no wonder I'm getting endless migraines! I NEED some FUN back in my life!
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONEGuys just to let you know, Shawn has given up running the website, due to his own life and work commitments.
Shawn has been a legend for O3C over the years and i'd like to thank him for all the hard work he has put in, it has been much appreciated.
This leads on to what's going to happen to the website, and how its going to be run without Shawn at the helm.
I don't know if there are any members with Website experience?
We can muddle through for now, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to comment below or message me.
Thanks guys
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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  Thanks to shawn for your hard work with the site. I may know a member that could possibly help run the site but I cant speak for him. I will ask him though.
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  Thanks Shawn, for all the work you have done, seen an unseen, with the site. Hope you'll stick around as a member.
BilboTBaggins77 Graeme XONE  Good man Shawn! The unsung hero
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEWas going to buy bf5 this week, then my car cost me £770!!! Going to try and pick up a copy in the black friday sales or around christmas.
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Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONE  Just spent just short of a grand on mine too! Haven't got a pot to piss in at the moment!
LazyluiOne XONESo here's a bit of a tip... I've had a great time using the automatic weapons with a 3x scope in this game, recoil on the KE7 in support and STG 44 (even Sturmgewehr) is so low and accuracy high that you can shred ad mid range, have a good chance at long range and even decent damage closer up. Aiming for the head has never been easier honestly...

Also: try holding the Y button, this will toggle fire mode from automatic to single shot for most guns, you can almost outshine snipers.
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONEEpic smashed it
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