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BilboTBaggins77 Graeme XONEIs BF4 dead? I went on the other night and tried 3 quick matches and no one was playing
puppymaster SID ADMINXONE  I be on most nights. Loads of servers active. Check your settings Graeme
HARVEY GOTTi Recruit  registered to Over 30 Clan
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Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  Welcome to O3C Harvey
Spartan LXVIII Kev XONEForza Horizon 4 Demo now available on Xbox Store.
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xenothon Lee XONEim liking the BF 5 Beta, sorry i did not join party, guys as was just running for a few mins anyway, when its released i think i will get this, and see if i can join the fold again.
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONEIm a fucking genius..Got out of work as I had a 40th party to go to... got out of the party as I said I had to work.......Got plenty of beer in and will be on from 6 for all night fun and frolics with myudigital friends
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Mike240184 XONEMIP  I like it so far, think the main game will be decent. I am finding it incredibly hard to hit people though, the recoil on the guns is ridiculous. However, that's more of a "me" issue than a game issue and I think once it lets me mod the guns will grips etc it should sort that out.

Love the vehicles so far.
auberginedogSean ADMINXONECareful on what server you join on Guys..Joined up with Danny Sean Lee and some of the lads and found the lag really baaaad...Looked into it and you were all playing on a US west coast server so no wonder you were having hit detection problems..I had a ping latency of 180-230....Left and joined a EU server and had a ping of 8-12 ms
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BilboTBaggins77 Graeme XONEBF5 delayed until Nov 15th
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONEDamn gonna miss a few days of the Beta, but a beach in Turkey is too inviting, See you on the 17th.
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Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  Have a good one Chief
auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  Twat
Mike240184 XONEMIP  lol
Mike13B20 Mike XONEOK, Gave BF5 a whirl. Kinda liking it so far, definitely seems better than BF4. Surprised to see I still have it with road kills. @ with the German halftrack and 2 with the German Kettenkrad Armored Motorcycle Tank! :d :d :d
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONEit should do cos this is the most posts i have see all year ?
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Mike240184 XONEMIPHaving left my Xbox on for 2 days to download it (I need better internet) I should hopefully give the beta a whirl tonight. I've not been around much because mostly you were playing Fortnite and PUBG which I was just not that bothered about but looking forward to what I hope will be some o3c group action in the new BF.
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Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONETried to BF V beta last night briefly. Good to run around with Sid ( the heavy breather ;-) and Kev and initial feel of the game felt good. Hopefully will be a grower.
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONE  soauds nearly as bad as me Sean were you i am tugging your trouser leg lol
BilboTBaggins77 Graeme XONE  I got on last night and quite liked it so far. Managed to dip some salaries on Danny even though he was on my team
BilboTBaggins77 Graeme XONE  Ah fook, first post in ages and I cock it up....salties it should have said not salaries
Mike13B20 Mike XONEWhat's up guys! Had a few minutes, thought I'd say howdy from good ole Florida. Hope all is well across the pond.
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONE  all good here sun for months bike got well used still no coffee cup holder though
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  All good buddy Hope you are well
BilboTBaggins77 Graeme XONE  What's the weather like?
TwinightTadpoleMick XONEjust finished playing with sid and sean (thay both loved it ) the game is good a few glices but fast and fun just like old days
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GuitarHero1982 Danny XONE  I agree bud, the game is very raw odd bug hit reg is good for a beta but some of the things you can shoot through are a bit silly. I think (and hope) this could be a winner
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEHow is the Bf5 beta? Does the game play well? Is there a lot of difference from Bf1?
auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  Its like the happy lovechild of Bf1 and Bf3 imo..
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