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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEDownloaded metal gear solid the phantom pain on games with gold. Played for an hour today...... thats an hour im never getting back. Hope it picks up soon or I will have to delete.
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Messy Celt Paddy XONE  You can blow through the main story pretty quickly but once you've done that a bunch or side or alternative missions open up, at least I think that's how it worked, it's been an age since I played it. All the missions takes place on the same map though so keep that in mind. It does become more fun as you unlock better lethal and non lethal weapons too. Guns blazing is a viable option here where in passed MGS games it wasn't really. it'd be worth glancing at a guide or the like to see what's there under the skin as most of this prologue is under the skin.
BelleSchwantz Marcel XONE  First half of the game is preetty decent. But the second half feels takked on. You can tell when Hideo Kojima left de developtment team.
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONEHello everyone, though it appears not many peeps come here much these days. Sorry I didn’t make the meet, I was out of the country meeting new suppliers for my new job. New house almost finished, new job and I’m feeling so Money Supermarket. Might even find time to spark up the Xbox.
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONE
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auberginedogSean ADMINXONEOMFG Just recovering from Saturday evening! Lost my Phone...Had my Credit Card stolen...Lost my Cash...Lost My Stormtrooper helmet and lost and EWOK!!!!
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TwinightTadpoleMick XONE  and who was going to fuck up who ?
in fairness that exhaust on the bike did not do my head any favors on the way home
auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  You the one that retired early my lil furry friend
TwinightTadpoleMick XONE  deserted you let go of the lead
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONEHope you all had a good weekend at Sean's
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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  Was great to meet the guys who attended! We had a great weekend and Sean was an amazing host.
jbourne51 Mark ADMINYouTubeXONELEGEND  Jo & I were there Friday, great to meet everyone in person who attended, both had a great day & Sean went above & beyond Legend as always!! Place looks really different after the refurb too :-)
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONEJust realised. Happy birthday Sean.
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iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  Happy birthday fat lad have a good weekend
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  Hope you had a great weekend buddy
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONETonight I am in Aubergine!
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  And later, Aubergine will be in you!
LazyluiOne XONE  Oooooohhhh... I slept there too, strange things happen in that room...
Magpie633 Craig ADMINXONE  You can still see your bite marks in the headboard Lui
Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONELooking forward to a few beers with a few of my fellow O3C'ers this friday!
Those who are going, It will be great to put a face to the voices. See you there!
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puppymaster SID ADMINXONE  Enjoy yourselves lads and lady
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  Enjoy yourself guys, sorry I couldn’t make it
SH4MUS75 XONE  Hope you all had fun, sorry I couldn't make it this time :thumb:
SCUDERIA07Lindy XONEmy 1x keeps getting corrupted saves and wont reset. even after a factory reset. 3 times in as many days now. ill have to send it in for service and fire up ole susan (360)
DorkeyDonkey Recruit  registered to Over 30 Clan
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iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONELovely day in Punta Cana
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GuitarHero1982 Danny XONEHas any one tried incursion yet? I downloaded it but not given it ago
auberginedogSean ADMINXONE  been waiting for it....give it a go alter
Mike240184 XONEMIP  Looks like it would be a good idea. I'd certainly be up for it.
Tarka1001Kev ADMINXONE  Me an Sid had a few games, it's bare bones but enjoyable, teamwork a must!
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONELooking for a new gaming PC to run VR, anyone got any good websites or know of any offers?
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  pc2 mate, iracing costs a fortune you have to pay monthly and cars and tracks cost also.
P8falloutfreak Simon XONE  Use PC part picker and build your own possibly?
GuitarHero1982 Danny XONE  If you know what your doing you can buy the parts and one build one for a fraction of the price at cclonline
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE5 days, till chilling here
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Gazgolf Gaz ADMINXONE  Is Sean lending you his mankini?
iTractorboy Tim ADMINXONE  I think not Gaz, imagine that g string
Legalizedasensi Jo ADMINXONE  Keep your eyes out for those coconuts!
Devnull Recruit  registered to Over 30 Clan
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